What Vaccinations are required?

We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella. Vaccinations must good through the date your pups are staying with us. We will not accept any dogs that are not vaccinated.  Email or fax vaccination records to 1-443-281-0666.


What are your drop-off times?

Dropoff is 8 am–11am and pickup is 4pm–7pm Monday through Saturday. Please plan accordingly. Sunday drop-offs and pickups only between 9am to 11am. If you are unable to make these times work with your travel plans please plan on boarding with us an extra day. . If you need to pickup after 11am we will charge an afternoon pickup courtesy fee of $25. If you do not pickup by 7pm we will charge you for another night. Please understand these guidelines are intended to provide the best care for all of the pups.


Do we bring our own food?

Yes--bring your own food in pre-portioned bags. We can accommodate feeding as many as 3x per day at no extra charge. If you do not bring food we will charge an extra $5 per day.


Can we bring treats, toys, or personal bedding?

It’s not necessary but you are welcome to bring whatever you think will make your doggie feel more comfortable.


Does my dog get to go outside?

Yes. We take all doggies out a minimum of 3 times per day in our very large outside play yard.


What if my pet needs medication or medical attention?

If your pet takes a pill in a pill pocket there is no charge. If your pet requires any further attention, for example applying an ointment or spray there will be a $2 charge per day. All pets must be able to walk down to the play area and return to their doggie suite without assistance. There will be an additional $5 per day charge for elderly pets that need assistance.


What is the best way to contact StrongKennel, LLC?

Office: 1-410-420-2273

Fax: 1-443-281-0666

Email: info@strongkennel.com